Octavia Boulevard parcel V (San Francisco, USA)


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Innovative housing and neighborhood design on Octavia Boulevard in center San Francisco (market street).

California is a dream.
Can we help it come true?

Let’s work it out!

California is raising a totally new civilisation. Can she find happiness recycling old times solutions? Rather than letting the automotive imperium rule our lives, spread out freeways and suburbs, should we not try to live altogether, build up a social life in these paradise Mediterranean gardens nobody else in the world can have?

For the last decades, Californian people have been inventing everything. They changed the world and they still will. That’s the purpose of this competition. A new kind of citizenship.

Let’s invent a new way!

How shall we live there?

Urban system

Without car. We’ll free up the ground and experiment a new Californian way of life: in the midst of this paradise made of spread out Mediterranean gardens, we’ll experiment, outdoors, a new social life. The ground floor will be a public garden with sidewalks and small retail shops.

Then we’ll live upstairs, among trees in very clever adaptive houses. The retail shops’ roofs will be the access way to private houses.

Technology and poetry

We invented software companionship, should we keep Stone Age houses? Technology can help. What California has to invent is poetry of technology.

Housing can be much more efficient, flexible reliable and affordable. But technology should also be used for sensitive qualities. We have learned to live totally cut out from the world, because we needed to protect ourselves from it. From now on, we can use technology to produce poetry. We can finally re-express, in our post-industrial lives and our regained environments, these fundamental perceptions brought to us by the sun, the wind, the rain and what it makes us smell, the shadows that twirl and the time that passes by. We can rebuild a social life, simple and natural. We can become again human beings living in harmony with our planet earth.

Isn’t that what modernity is supposed to be? Supposed to bring? Didn’t we do all this just to be able to live in a better world?
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